OuterSpace – 2017

70 Meters of fun in Atlanta USA for Outerspace project.
It was one amazing week thanks to Greg Mike and his crew!

Breda Blindwalls Gallery

This is one of the two bicycle tunnels I painted in the city Breda, Netherlands.
Curated by @blindwallsgallery 📸 @photed_by_ew

A different perspective.

You can see a glimpse of the Boca Stadium in the back and a big part of the neighborhood of La Boca.
It was almost impossible because there was limited time of 1 day for every tower!

CEC – Buenos Aires

Mi latest mural for the Plaza Brasil.
Next to the brand new Subte station – Julieta Lanteri / Facultad de Derecho in Buenos Aires.

I created a continuous line pattern that played with the layers and ramps of the brand new Plaza Brasil.
The contrast of the bright colors and design in the grey surroundings created an immersive effect
once you emerge from the station.

Monochromatic Red


Shutter Dreams